joi, martie 15, 2012

Pastila Zilnica de Ras!

O asemenea compilatie nici nu mai merita a fi comentata sau prezentata...

Recommendation of the Day: CISS Ink System for HP920 / HP364

Today i highly recommend you the CISS Ink System for HP920 / HP364 (4 cartridges), wich is one of the Best selling CISS Ink System in this world.

I wrote about at other times, and I will write again and again, everytime when i have this opportunity, because CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) is my favorite ink system for my printer.

So... we know with certainty: CISS Ink System for HP920 / HP364 (4 cartridges) is one of the best selling CISS Ink System on cissmarket - online store. This products works perfectly with OfficeJet and Photosmart series printers. If you want buy this system, you may know: both systems, for HP920 or HP364, have one pack who contains:
- Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) with 4 external ink tanks, full with about 400ml of High Quality ink.
- 4 air filters.
- Installation and usage instructions, this is only in English.

Now in this post I have recommended to you exactly what I like, not as a qualified.

Car Crash Compilation February

De prin Rusia adunate si nu numai...

Fail Compilation January 2012

Faceti si voi ca ei... Finala!

Cu siguranta cei 2 finalisti ai competitiei se comporta de o mie de ori mai bine decat orice ,,talent,, din Romania. Ciocu` mic si joc de glezna pentru acestia!
Cu adevarat incredibil iar tipa e senzationala si unica in sexul frumos!

Viralul Zilei: Kung Fu Panda!

Singura intrebare care imi vine e: Oare pe cine l-a avut profesor?!

... si cu putin efort il putem importa din Rusia pe post de politist comunitar! Sa vezi atunci ordine si liniste pe strazile Romaniei!

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